December 2018 - izmir City Vision

Pamukkale Activity

Pamukkale Activity have new one is GYROCOPTER. Gyrocopter Flights above Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Laodikeia or where ever you want! Flight available from Sunrise to Sunset. Air tours starting from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Ready for this magnificent and unique experience? Please for more information contact us. Flight Duration Price Flight Direction 15 minutes 100 € […]

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Ephesus Biblical History

ef’-e-sus (Ephesos, “desirable”): A town of the theRoman province of Asia, close to the mouth of the Cayster stream, three miles from the western coast of Asia Minor, and opposite the island of Samos. With synthetic harbor accessible to the most important ships, and rivaling the harbor at Miletus, standing at the doorway of the […]

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Ephesus in Bible

Ephesus was one in every of the most important and wealthiest cities within the Japanese Mediterranean space. It had a population of regarding 250,000 people. The temple of the Greek immortal Cynthia was situated there. It came below Roman rule around one hundred thirty B.C.. The evangelist Paul stayed in urban center for two years […]

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