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Which country is Ephesus?

Which country is Ephesus? Ephesus is located in modern Turkey Which country is located Ephesus? Ephesus is located in modern Turkey Which continent is Ephesus? Ephesus is located in modern Turkey and modern Turkey is located in the Europe continent and the Asian continent. Ephesus is located exactly in the Asian Part. When was Ephesus [...]

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Where Ephesus was?

Where Ephesus was? According to the archaeologists Ephesus was first inhabited during the Neolithic Period which is around 8000 BC. Then Ephesus was known to Hittites as Apasa and was situated in the land of Arzawa, West Anatolia. After the Trojan war with the migrations from Mainland Greece, good mixture civilizations started to arouse. Where [...]

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Why was Ephesus abandoned

Why was Ephesus abandoned? Ephesus was very wealthy thanks to the harbor when the harbor started to be silted by the River Kaystros and Ephesus lost her commercial importance and abandoned. Why is Ephesus famous? Ephesus is famous because is situated just in the middle of many different focus points. Ephesus is important to pagans, [...]

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Which Country is Ephesus

For more information about Ephesus, you can check the Wikipedia Page follow this link : If you are interested with Ephesus Tour from Izmir or anywhere of Turkey, please follow this link :

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