Izmir Turkey Tourism

Izmir Turkey Tourism With its natural and historical beauties, climate conditions suitable for tourism, sufficient accommodation, and transportation infrastructure, İzmir is one of our provinces with the highest tourism potential. Despite the fact that our city has started tourism in the recent sense when we examine its historical features, it is always seen that it […]

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Ephesus Museum

Ephesus Museum in Selçuk, Izmir Ephesus Museum, Ephesus and nearby Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman-era beside important works. Since the Ephesus Museum is predominantly a museum exhibiting the works of an ancient city, it prefers to display the works according to the find locations instead of a chronological and typological exhibition. […]

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Ephesus chronology

Ephesus chronology begins from 7.000 BC and never ends. Today is the most visitable ancient city in Turkey. With the 2019 year statistics almost 2 million visitors in the past year. The exact number is 1 million 810 thousand 791 persons visited. Chronologically, Ephesus hosted to different civilizations, cultures, traditions many times. Ephesus chronology 1. […]

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