Abacıoğlu Inn which has a history of 200 years, took its shape today with the restoration that was made in 2007. Today inside the Inn there are 18 shops consisted of restaurants, souvenir shops, leather shops, and coffee shops. There are no clear proofs who constructed the inn or when or in which conditions… but it is estimated it was made at the beginning of the 18th century by Hacı (pilgrim) Mustafa Ağa.

In 2007, in the project of ”City Development”, ”Respect To The History”, it was shown as an important cultural heirloom in the history of Kemeraltı, İzmir, and also it took the title one of the best architecture with 30 others in the contest “Philippe Rotthier Europe Architecture”. Abacıoğlu Inn which is a secret garden and a historical diamond in Kemeraltı is found between Başdurak Mosque and Arastaya in Anafartalar Street.