Abacıoğlu Inn

Abacıoğlu Inn

Abacıoğlu Inn which has a history of 200 years, took its shape of today with the restoration that was made at 2007. Today inside the Inn there are 18 shops consisted of restaurants, souvenir shops, leather shops and coffee shops. There are no clear proofs who constracted the inn or when or in which conditions… […]

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kemeraltı handicrafts

Kemeraltı Bazaar Today

Colorful Kemaraltı Bazaar From Past To Our Day – Commerce In the 14th century, Izmir which was behind Foça, Çeşme and Kuşadası in commerce, was under the dominance of Venetians and Geneosians in trade. After these communities Izmir’s commerce passed into the hands of French, English and Italians. Slowly, Izmir was passing from town to […]

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Kemeralti 1950

Kemeraltı is Changing The years 1950’s indicate a turning point both for Turkey and The Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar. Till these years you were able to find anything you would like from clothing to pharmacies, stationery to theatres, basically everything in Kemeraltı. The Bazaar which had served both to the rich and the poor as a […]

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Konak Centrum Kemeraltı Entrance

Republic Period

Kemeraltı in Republic Times – Regression Period Izmir has a specific importance in republic period, it is the one which started the Salvation War. Also politically it’s the city of the firsts. In the War of Independence it took all the attention. Before the foundation of the Republic, it was the place where the first […]

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19th century izmir square

The City Which Rises In Ottoman Empire

In the 18th century, with the battles lost, Ottoman Empire continued to lose reputation and power. In the begining of 19th century, industrialization in Europe fasten the downfall in Ottoman trade, and Ottoman Empire was unable to find the center to develop its industry. When the world was renewing and developping in industry, Ottoman economy […]

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Smyrna Square & Harbour 002

Kemeralti in Ottoman Empire

Kemeralti in Ottoman Empire It’s impossible to seperate Kemeraltı from the history of Izmir. There have been lots of places which got famous during years of powerful empires but also there have been lots of places which lost their importance afterwards. Kemeraltı when it wasn’t known for its trade, ancient harbour cities like Ephesus, Miletos […]

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Ancient Times Smyrna

History Of Kemeralti

ANCIENT TIMES IN SMYRNA History Of Kemeralti,Kemeraltı Bazaar, no doubt, is the most mysterious and exciting place in Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar has a different air. Crowded, excited but always colorful …  Thanks to its strategic location, gaining the reputation the most important commerce center in Izmir, Kemeraltı is like a open air museum which has […]

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temple of artemis

Artemis Route

As you may know Bozdağlar Mountains encompass a large geography that starts from the back of Kemalpaşa and stretch all the way to Turgutlu, Salihli, Alaşehir, Sarıgöl and Buldan by passing through the boroughs of Bayındır, Ödemiş and Kiraz. During the first age, the mountains were known as Tmolos. Its highest peak is named Bozdağ […]

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izmir route

Izmir new route

Izmir New Route The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has begun working with NGO’s to build a 350 kilometer road that will connect the 6 Ionian antique cities in Izmir. The municipality announced that it had begun working on a road that will connect Ephesus, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos, Klazomenai and Erythrai. The Ionian Road, which will have […]

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jewish izmir bet israel

Karatas – Izmir – Synagogue Bet Israel

Synagouge Bet Israel at Karatas, Izmir Synagouge Bet Israel at Karatas ordered by the sultan İzmir is the only city where synagogues haven’t been closed for 500 years. One of the most important synagogues in the city is Beth Israel in Karataş. It is the most striking synagogue in the city with its architectural elements. […]

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