ephesus city

Lifetime at Roman and Hellenistic Period

The daily life and Nutrition In the Hellenistic and Roman times, people rose by sunshine and after doing their pray in the morning, they went to work. With layer of the sun, they returned home, ate and have been layers. Very few people were still asleep in bed after sunshine. For them, living mean being […]

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Human life

Human life During the Iron and the Bronze Ages, the average human life expectancy was at around 18 years. In Ancient Rome, until the year 100 BC the human lifespan was only 22 years. Life expectancy increased up to 33 during the Medieval Ages and to 34 during the 17th century. In the 19th century, […]

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odabasi bridge

Ottoman Bridges

Ottoman Bridges In our last issue, we wrote about the history of bridges with traces of Anatolian civilizations. This issue will be about Ottoman Bridges. After the Romans, it was the Ottoman masters who developed the art of bridge making in Anatolia. The Ottoman bridges are defined with their arcaded structures, and the high-arched bridges […]

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Metropolis Metropolis comes out of the Mother Goddess of the city unearthed the mystery. For the first time trying to prove to be addressed with a title called KREZIMOS identified with Zeus. 2015 excavation for the construction of head god Zeus, who performed at the end of the study found that the cult space. The […]

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odunpazari map

Odun Pazari

Houses in Odunpazarı bear the important characteristics of Turkish civil architecture. The living space of these houses is on the upper floor and the common areas are on the ground floor. Part of these houses are on the Unesco World Heritage List. As part of the “Preservation of Odunpazarı Houses”, the restoration of 300 houses […]

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izmir city full day tour

10 different gusto

Like to hear from you swim, surf, sun, beach, discover, history… All attractions waiting for you in İzmir City. Cesme, Alacati, Selcuk call you… We start to counting Cesme is unique holiday region of our country. In the famous beach Ilica, Ayayorgi, you can enjoy the cool sea and fresh wind always relieve the coastline. […]

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