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izmir city tour

Izmir Tour

Izmir Tour News At the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar We Control Vehicle Transmission. We aim to reduce car usage by establishing a fast and comfortable public transportation system in the center. By limiting the entry of motor vehicles we are delivering the historic bazaar entirely on SPORTS. Historic Bazaar; The streets on the map between 10: […]

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Cesme from izmir

Known as prince throughout the Roman amount, Çeşme was the port of Erythrai, one in every of the twelve Ionian cities situated on the Aegean Coast. nowadays Ildırı (Erythrai) continues to play a vital role in archeology and business whereas throughout the seventh and eighth centuries B.C. it had been a major stockholder in political […]

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ephesus latrina

Where they craped?

In ancient world of Rome, Where they craped? First, one million of the population was seen in the city of  Rome there was just 5 percent of the population had a toilet personnel. That was crap remaining 95 percent portion of the public place. Only wealthy Romans had the luxury of a private bathroom in their home. […]

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temple of artemis

Habrocomes and Anthia

Habrocomes and Anthia , written by historian of Izmir and translated into English by Moses Hadas, could be a romance. A man named Licomedes lived in metropolis. He was the foremost adult within the town and was married to Temiste, a lady additionally from metropolis. Habrocomes, a awfully enticing young man, is their solely son. […]

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tire izmir city vision

Tire – Izmir

Tire on the footsteps of religions Tire, that was referred to as the land of monks by Pachmeres, the land of brothers by İbn-I Battuta, the recent crown town by Katip Çelebi and therefore the bed of scientists within the Aydın written account, is like an outside depository with its profound history, superb cultural assets […]

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Salom (Aydinlilar) Synagogue

Paint on Izmir

One of the foremost vital changes in Ottoman art within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is murals that are supplementary to subject decorations. Murals, that began in metropolis and quickly unfold to most of the structures in Anatolia and different regions at intervals the borders of the Turkish Empire, square measure the indication of a […]

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smyrna streets

Smyrna Street in 19th century

Smyrna Streets – İzmir Streets The streets The 1840 guide is brutal about the streets of the city: “Like all the other big cities in Turkey, this city looks beautiful from afar but doesn’t satisfy expectations when viewed up close. The city is overpopulated and the streets are narrow and dirty. In 1878, only the […]

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izmir history

The neighborhoods of İzmir

The neighborhoods of İzmir There isn’t enough info concerning the neighborhoods that were shaped when religious/ethnic segmentation: The neighborhood inhabited  by the French and Greek be the boundary and includes several outlets, warehouses, and cafes. The Armenian neighborhood is up ahead. The Turkish quarter covers the complete higher region of town and therefore the western […]

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izmir old map

Izmir in 19th Century

Izmir in 19th-century travel guides elements concerning port in guides begin with a way to get to port. The neighborhoods of port, its streets, amusement culture, antique ruins, museums and travel routes round the town area unit different data contained in 19th-century travel guides. In the nineteenth century, traveling was a privilege solely enjoyed by […]

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Smyrna (Tepekule-Bayrakli)

Old Izmir City (Smyrna) was built on a small island which was northeast of the bay. In the following years, the alluvion drfiting with rain, coming from Sipylos Mountain created Today’s Bornova and that small island  became a hill. Today, on this hill there is the vineyard whicj belong to Tekel Vine & Beer Company. […]

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