Historical Background

Cesme Known as Cyrus during the Roman Period, Cesme was the port of Erythrai, one of the 12 Ionian cities located along the Aegean Coast. Today Ildırı (Erythrai) continues to play an important role in archaeology and tourism while during the 7th and 8th centuries BC it was a significant shareholder in economics.

Today Çeşme is not only a beautiful and well-known vacation spot in Izmir, but it also is known throughout Turkey. Only 45 minutes from the city, within one hour you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city and cool off in the waters of the Aegean Sea. Cesme information about its natural places; with its climate, beaches, historical identity, tourism, architecture, entertainment and nightlife Çeşme continues to be an important spot in the Aegean Region.

The town itself dominated by Çeşme Castle. While the castle is recorded to have been considerably extended and strengthened during the reign of Ottoman sultan Bayezid II, sources differ as to their citation of the original builders, whether the Genoese or the Turks at an earlier time after the early 15th-century capture. A statue of Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, one of the naval commanders of the Battle of Chesma is in front of the castle and the Pasha is depicted caressing his famous pet lion and facing the town square. The battle itself, although ended in Ottoman defeat, had seen Hasan Pasha pulling out honorably after having sunk the Russian flagship Sv. Evstafii, together with his own ship, after which he had to follow the main battle from the coast before joining the capital by way of land, where he rapidly rose to become a distinguished grand vizier.

A few paces south of the castle, there is an Ottoman caravanserai built in the early centuries of the Ottoman conquest in 1528 by order of Süleyman the Magnificent, and it is now restored and transformed into a boutique hotel. The imposing but redundant 19th century Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Haralambos is used for temporary exhibitions. Along some of the back streets of the town are old traditional Ottoman houses, as well as Sakız house-type residences of more peculiar lines, for the interest of strollers.

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