Ephesus Visit

We start the day early in the morning. In our website (www.izmircityvision.com) we have several possibilities to participate in the Ephesus excursion. If you wish to visit only the ancient city of Ephesus click this link to get there. We have some mixtures too, like Ephesus + Temple Artemisia + Virgin Mary or Ephesus + St. Virgin Mary + Typical Village….

Already, what is there to visit around Ephesus? The city of Izmir supports several villages around the city. One of these villages is called Selcuk. In the Selcuk village we can find the ancient city Ephesus, The Temple of Artemis, The House of St. Virgin Mary, The Isa Bey Mosque, The Basilica of St. Jean, The Typical Sirince Village, The Ephesus Museum.

Since the year 2015; The city of Ephesus, The House of St. Virgin Mary, The Cave of Seven Sleepers, The Basilica of St. John, The Temple of Artemis are in the UNESCO list (UNESCO World Heritage) When you see this symbol which means of a place is in this list.

In the city of Ephesus, we can find 2 entrance gates. One low and the other high. The top door is called The Magnesia Gate. On entering this door, the city slopes towards the lower door. This is why we choose to start the Ephesus excursion through this door.

We visit all the important places and we go out towards the low door. Because the duration of this visit is an hour and a half, approximately 1.7 km. We will meet you at the bottom.

When can we do Ephesus Visit?

In summer, we advise you to do it early in the morning because of the heat. In summer in the Aegean region we see 42 – 43 degrees at certain period. That’s why the Ephesus Gate opens at 8:30 am. We try to get back around 9:30 am. Because it is an open site, we cannot find the places in the shade. You have to be careful against the cost of the sun, we recommend that you put on sunscreen.

But during the summer (June, July, August), you can take Ephesus visit any time of the day. We advise you to do between 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

How long does Ephesus visit last?

It depends on the group but if you visit Ephesus individually, it lasts max. 2 hours. We visit all the important squares of the city explaining the history of the city Ephesus. We visit all of the city’s masterpieces.

Keep following us to learn the best tips to visit Ephesus and Ephesus, Izmir.

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