Excursions to Ephesus from Izmir

How do we do Excursions to Ephesus from Izmir?

We started the day early in the morning. On our website (www.izmircityvision.com) we have several opportunities to participate in the Ephesus Tour. If you want to visit the ancient city of Ephesus only, click on this link to get there. We also have some excursions to Ephesus from Izmir, mixes. Like Ephesus + Artemis Temple + House of Virgin Mary or Ephesus + House of Virgin Mary + Typical Town ….

What is there to visit around Ephesus? Izmir city supports various towns in the city. One of these towns is called Selcuk. In the village of Selcuk, we can find the ancient city of Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis, the House of Santa Maria, the Isa Bey Mosque, the Basilica of Saint John, the typical town of Sirince, the Museum of Ephesus.

Since 2015; The city of Ephesus, The House of Saint Mary, The Cave of the Seven Sleepers, The Basilica of Saint John, The Artemis Temple are on the UNESCO list (UNESCO World Heritage) When you see this symbol it means d a place is on this list.

In the city of Ephesus, we can find 2 entrances. One low and the other high. The high gate is called The Gate of Magnesia. Returning to this door, the city is inclined towards the low door. For this reason, we chose to start the tours to Ephesus from Izmir through this gate.

We visit all the important places and go out to the lower door. Because the duration of this visit is an hour and a half, approximately 1.7 km. We will cut it.