Izmir has a lot of Hotels in the city center. If you want to stay in the city center depend on your gusto and your budget. We have hotels in the heart of the city in the ancient bazaar. And also some hotels are the seaside of the Aegean Sea.

In the total of the 2019 year, there are 252 hotels with all included outside of Izmir. And they have 47.326 beds all of them. As with new investment, they are increasing a number of rooms, hotels, and beds.

Izmir as its situation, we have more opportunities to make a holiday near the sea and visiting all tourism highlights. Izmir has 2 places of Unesco World Heritage list. Pergamum and Ephesus are listed yet on this list.

And now, we have another world heritage place in hold. This is our grand bazaar call Kemeraltı (meaning – under Arch). Maybe in 3 years, Izmir will have 3 places on this list.

Swiss, Mövenpick, Hilton, Sheraton, Ibis are some chain of hotels in Izmir. Most of the numbers of hotels as 72 in Izmir are in the town of Cesme. And then 2. place is Konak as a city center with 67 hotels.

Cesme is a holiday place because it has a good beach with nice sand. Cesme is in front of Chios Island (as Greek Island). Cesme is a peninsula at the end of Turkey border.

Some hotels are very close to the city center to discover more Turkish culture and most visited places. You have opportunities to choose your favorite trip from our website. Some people like the Gastronomical Tour, some people like Historical Places to learn more rich history of our country.