Izmir New Route

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has begun working with NGO’s to build a 350 kilometer road that will connect the 6 Ionian antique cities in Izmir. The municipality announced that it had begun working on a road that will connect Ephesus, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos, Klazomenai and Erythrai.

The Ionian Road, which will have 6 routes named hiking, bicycle, history, vineyard, olive and sea, will be a member of the European Bicycle Tourism Network with the bicycle route, to the Wine Cities Network with the vineyard route, the Gourmet Cities Network and the Slow Food Network with the olive route.

izmir route

The 350 kilometer road will be turned into a national and international destination with marathons, orienteering, bicycle and water sports competitions and themed festivals.

The historical, scenic and sociocultural assets of the region will also be advertised via side roads added to main route that will start at Selçuk Ephesus, pass through Çeşme Ildırı – Erythrai and end at Karaburun.