Izmir to Pamukkale, there are 2 ways of the road. 1 we pass to highway most probably we use this. And second way, we pass directly to the inside of Ayd─▒n city. When we are making the road, we cross all city of Izmir in the direction of the east side and we arrive at Ayd─▒n. Ayd─▒n is the other city in Turkey. We have a lot of agricultural places and organic lands in this city. Generally, make a stop in this city for tasting their fruit and lokum. And, for breath little bid.

For example, when we arrive at Nazilli (is one town of Ayd─▒n) long-lived Turkish citizens are hereby the statistics of the country. Because they are always eating figs, almonds, strawberry, orange, walnut, and olive oil in their plates. And all towns are working always in their land. They have good quality air in this region.

After the city of Aydin, we take again the road go to Denizli. This city is famous for its cotton products, and their marble. All hotels chains buy their textile products form here.

But when we make the road Izmir to Pamukkale, we are not seeing Denizli City. Because Pamukkale is far from the city center. One town of Denizli is named Pamukkale. When we see whit deposits, are in Pamukkale town. When you are staying overnight in the hotels of Pamukkale or Karahayit. Where we can find also red rock where jailing the hot water in the town center.

There are possibilities to take a hot air balloon trip in Pamukkale, foresee the land of Pamukkale with their white land, and their farm where is coming our cotton. And from the sky, you can find a white castle what is mean?