Kizlaragasi Inn, among all the Ottoman Inns, is the biggest and magnificent Inn in Izmir. It was constructed by Hacı Bekir Ağa who was the eunuch of that period in the Ottoman Empire, and the Inn also took its name from him. The Kızlarağası Inn was the busiest Inn in which the merchants were using the shelter for their animals, their goods for the stock, and upper rooms for staying the nights.

Kizlaragasi Inn normally constructed on the seaside passed to the inner parts of Kemeraltı with a filling of the sea. After its opening because of a big earthquake, its front which was on the seaside took big damage but it was repaired without losing its authenticity. Kızlarağası Inn rose till the end of the 19th century, however with the economical life-changing its rotation to Europe, it lost its importance. With the labor of artisans and shop owners, which started in 1988, it took the shape that it possesses today.

Kızlaragasi Inn Upper Parts