Aydin, Turkey’s most populous province, and the city is the twentieth. It is one of the most developed cities in terms of tourism and agriculture in the Aegean Region. There are İzmir in the north, Manisa in the northeast, Denizli in the east, Mugla in the south, and the Aegean Sea in the west. As of 2019, it is the third-largest city in the Aegean Region with a population of 1,110,972. It has seventeen districts.

The old names of Aydın were Tralleis and Güzelhisar, and its name changed to Aydın during the Aydınoğulları Principality, which was established during the Anatolian Principalities in the 14th century. Herodot said about the province of Aydın, “The place where the most beautiful sky and the most beautiful climate are located on the earth”.Evliya Çelebi said, “Oil flows from its mountains and honey from its plains. He said.

It has hosted various civilizations and is prominent cities such as Aphrodisias, Milet, Didyma, Nysa, Priene, and Magnesia in the Ancient Age. Today’s Aydin, along with the city of Tralles, developed during the Hittites in 2500 BC and lived its brightest age in the 8th century in Lydia. It is equipped with the cultural assets and works of Turkish civilization together with the Seljuks.

During the time of Aydınoğulları, the name of the city was changed to Aydın Güzelhisarı, later it took the name Aydın. In 1811, it became the center of the province, which includes İzmir, Saruhan (Manisa), Menteşe (Muğla), Antalya, and Isparta sanjaks. Aydın became an independent province in 1923 after the War of Independence.

Aydin has olives, figs, chestnuts # 1 in Turkey in production, while production of cotton and artichokes # 2, # 3 is located in the strawberry production and okra.

Tourism is the second important source of income after agriculture. Approximately 680 accommodation facilities have a capacity of 78,000 beds. In addition, there are 54.000 summer houses in Kuşadası and 42.000 summer houses in Didim. 5.5 million tourists came to Aydın in 2011. Dilek Peninsula National Park, Kuşadası, and Didim beaches are important beaches.

There are 9 museums in the province. These; Aydın Archeology Museum, Yörük Ali Efe Museum, Aphrodisias Museum, Karacasu Ethnography Museum, Milet Museum, Çine Kuvâ-yı Milliye Museum, Çine Beekeeping Museum, Nazilli Ethnography Museum, and Kusadasi Olive and Olive Museum.

It is also very rich in terms of historical sites. These; Aphrodisias (Karacasu), Alabanda (Çine), Alinda (Watermelon), Temple of Apollo (Didim), Gerga (Çine), Harpasa (Nazilli), Magnesia (Partners), Mastaura (Nazilli), Milet (Didim), Nysa (Sultanhisar), Priene (Söke) and Tralleis (Efeler).

Aydin has a vacation location like Kusadasi, Didim, Milet, and others. Smalls towns in this city have sea access directly. They are a good place to pass the holiday and summer.