Didim, formerly known as Yenihisar, is a touristic district of Aydın. It is in the form of a peninsula bordered by Muğla provincial border in the east, Güllük Bay and Akbük Bay, the Aegean Sea in the west and south, Bafa Lake and the Menderes River in the north. Its area is 402 km². According to the census results of 2019, there are 16 neighborhoods in the district where 86,688 people live.


The first settlement traces of Didim district date back to the Neolithic Period (8000 BC). In the 16th century BC, the presence of Mycenaean, Cretan, and later Aka colonies is observed. After the Persians, Romans, and Byzantines, after the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, after the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks, this region, which was first called Caria, was captured by the Turks. After the 1st Crusade, it was captured by Byzantium again. With the establishment of the Menteşe Principality in Caria after 1261, Didim and its surroundings were included in this principality.

It continued its existence under the name of “Yeronda – Yoran” during the Ottoman Empire. In accordance with the Treaty of Lausanne on March 23, 1924, the immigrants coming from the Pravuşta region and villages of Thessaloniki (Kuçkar, Devekıran) became the first owners of Didim. The Greeks from Yoran, on the other hand, established a village in Nea Yeronda, meaning New Yoran.