Kusadasi is a district of Turkey’s Aydin province. The post of the district is Izmir province, manners, and civilian Söke district, clothing Aegean Sea. Tourism has developed in the district.

Although it is not known for sure when and by whom Kuşadası was founded, it is believed that it was founded by the Ions with the name Neopolis, which is connected to Ephesus.

The city was founded in the place called Andızkulesi, at the foot of Pilavtepe. After a while, Venice and Genoese dominated these coasts, which belonged to the Byzantines, economically. Due to transportation difficulties, Kuşadası; It was taken from Andızkulesi location and established in its current location under the name of Yeni İskele (Scala Nuova).

Kuşadası Bay, which is named after Kuşadası, and its immediate surroundings are known as the art and cultural centers and has hosted many different civilizations since ancient times.

Kusadasi is one of Turkey’s first tourism center, tourism dates back to the 1960s, the first cruise ship tourism began here. Especially in summer, the number of local and foreign tourists and the local population, which is around 110 thousand, sometimes reaches 2 million. It is 65 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. 3. Port of Kusadasi is Turkey’s largest port. In addition, Dilek Peninsula National Park, which is located between the borders of Kuşadası, is one of the important points, domestic pigs are found here only in the world. In 2016, the large passenger plane dipped in Kuşadası Bay and has a large share in diving tourism. Kuşadası is one of the major tourism centers with Europe’s largest golf course and blue flag beaches. The congress hall, built-in 2013, is also the largest in Europe. It is witnessing large fairs and meetings.