Izmir is situated in the most western part of Anatolia, modern Turkey. Izmir with its province has a population of 4 million. Izmir鈥檚 metropolitan space extends on the far waters of the Gulf of Izmir Associate in Nursing inland to the north across the Gediz watercourse delta; to the east on a sediment plain created by many tiny streams; and to a rather additional rugged piece of ground within the south.
The city of Izmir is proud of its 8500 years of past. According to the researches done by the archeologists, the history of Izmir dates back to the Neolithic period. Izmir lived its most brilliant years in antiquity during the Archaic period. With the colonists coming from mainland Greece have created a brain new life merging the West Anatolian population. During the Hellenistic period, the city has been moved to another quarter of Izmir by Alexander the Great. All these ancient sites are situated in the city center of Izmir thus it means one can have a journey of 8500 years in one day.
With the Ottoman Empire Izmir has become a very cosmopolitan city. As it was during the prehistory and antiquity trade was one of the main purposes of Izmir. Beginning from the 16th century Izmir has welcomed many different religions, ethnic societies under its roof. Thus Izmir is always a very interesting destination to discover a very deep both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. One has always the opportunity to visit, to taste, to discover the beauties of Izmir. It is also possible to visit two different World Heritage site which is only 1 hour away to Izmir, Ephesus, and Pergamum.

Things To Do in Izmir

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Things to know about Izmir

Izmir is Turkey鈥檚 third-largest city.
It is a modern city that embraces different cultures due to its world-famous fair area and port feature. It is the twenty-third largest province of the country. There are Aegean sea and islands in the west of 陌zmir. This big metropolis is the second-largest and crowded city of the Aegean Sea after Athens. It attracts attention with its calm life and is a popular city. It has fertile lands thanks to its climate and waters. It also includes the food industry and refinery factories that contribute to commercial activities. One of the most practical ways to visit Izmir is to choose package tours.

The pearl of the Aegean Izmir

Known as the pearl of the Aegean, the city has an energy that admires many people. It is
among the most popular cities in Turkey is primarily. Beautiful beaches are world-famous. Besides its magnificent nature, it offers a history-filled trip with its 8500 years of history. There are many historical buildings and ancient cities within the city limits. It is possible to spend a pleasant holiday in 陌zmir, a port city for centuries.

Places to visit in Izmir

The clock tower, the symbol of Izmir, is located in Konak in the center of the city. Konak pier is also one of the must-see places near here. Historical Kemeralt谋 bazaar is located near the tower. K谋zlara臒as谋 Inn is a place where you can sit and relax. The agora in the center of the city witnessed the first periods of Izmir. Some of the works compiled from the ancient cities in the vicinity are exhibited in the Izmir archeology museum. Europe’s largest natural life park is in Izmir.
It is possible to see the Kadifekale as the peak of the city. For the view of the bay, the address data should be a Tarihi Asans枚r.

How to get to Izmir?

Thanks to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, it welcomes its guests both from home and abroad. You also could make by bus from Izmir, Turkey’s many provinces.