Seferihisar is a district of Turkey’s Izmir province. Urla is located in the north of the district, Güzelbahçe, and Karabağlar in the northeast, Menderes districts in the east, and the Aegean Sea in the south and west. Seferihisar became a district in 1884.


Teos is the oldest settlement on the territory of Seferihisar district, and it is known that this place was founded by Cretans who escaped from the Achaeans in 1000 BC and is a city of Ionians. Thus, it can be said that the region is a 3000-year-old settlement. It became a county in 1884.


While the basis of the economic activities in Seferihisar district is agriculture and olives within it, citrus and artichoke cultivation and ornamental plants, greenhouse cultivation, livestock have started to be an important source of income in recent years. On the other hand, while fishing continues, tourism; has become one of the most important sectors contributing to the economy of the district today. 80% of the population is engaged in agriculture.

There are businesses, factories, workshops, and workshops operating in various fields in the industrial and commercial life of the district. To count them; In the district center, 2 municipal economic enterprises, including a regulated meat sales store and bus operation, 11 flour factories, 9 dairy farms, 8 olive oil factories, 11 fresh fruit, and vegetable packaging businesses, 2 five-ton milk collection centers, 50 There is a carpenter’s workshop, 10 cold iron workshops, 6 aluminum and 4 plastic workshops. Products processed in citrus packaging facilities are exported, while other factories and workshops only meet the needs of the district.