Sardis is an ancient city located near the town of Sart in the Salihli district of Manisa and served as the capital of the Lydian (Lydia) state.

It was founded in 1300 BC and was destroyed in 1200 AD. It is 9 km from Salihli center and 82 km from İzmir, and it is spread on both sides of the İzmir-Ankara highway. The ancient city, which is thought to be surrounded by the largest defense wall outside Mesopotamia, bearing the traces of the Iron Age, and its surroundings BC. It was the capital of the Lydian Kingdom that ruled between 1200 and 546. Sardes is the first place where money was printed according to known history. It is also the beginning of the famous King’s Road in history. The word “sard”, which is the western name of the orange quartz stone, which has been used as a precious stone for a long time, comes from the Sart region where the stone was extracted in ancient times. Quartz stone and gold mining are still going on here.

The ruins of the first theater known in history are also present in Sart and they are trying to be unearthed. Also, about 5 km north of Sart, there is a Lydian royal cemetery consisting of approximately 85 graves called “Thousand Hills”. The Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 temples of Western Anatolia, is located in the town of Sart.

Its historical library and royal thrones are still largely intact and open to visitors. Most of the historical artifacts here are identical, and the originals are exhibited in the Manisa Ethnography Museum. Its location on the Izmir-Uşak road provides great convenience for the visit. The main historical buildings in the ancient city of Sardes are: