Bodrum is one of the 13 districts of Muğla. The district is known as an important tourism center today, which is effective because Bodrum has some unique features. Bodrum is not only in Turkey but also in the world is a town known for tourism. In terms of population, it has become the largest district by passing Menteşe and Fethiye throughout the province.


Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built in the city of Halicarnassos. The marble stones of the mausoleum, which was destroyed in time due to earthquakes and invasions, were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle. Christian Knights built the castle in the 15th century. The construction was completed in a period of 100 years. The Pope distributed indulgence papers to the workers in the construction of the castle in order to finish the castle. The city of Bodrum is the last Christian land seized on Anatolian lands. City II. Although it was besieged in the time of Mehmed, it could only be captured during the Rhodes Campaign of Süleyman I. Bodrum Castle today serves as the world’s 2nd largest Underwater Archeology Museum. It is the strongest surviving fortress in the Eastern Mediterranean. The city of Bodrum hosts many cultural events.


The ancient name of Bodrum is ‘Halicarnassos’. It was read as ‘Halicarnassus’ in Turkish. The city was named ‘Petrium’ after the city was dedicated to Saint Peter’s, together with the castle called the Castle of St. Peter. This name has been pronounced as ‘petrum’, then ‘potrum’ and finally ‘Bodrum’ over time.