City, in the Middle Ages and the New Age, Seandos; It was known as Nissa and Muşkara. While Anatolia was in the hands of the Great Seljuk State, there was a village called Muşkara in place of its old name Nissa. Muşkara means solidly built. Muşkara, a small village with 18 houses, was attached to Ürgüp.

According to historian Charles Texier; Towards the end of the 12th century, that is, during the Seljuk period, the people of Nissa city gradually left the city and migrated to another place. Historians, who provide information about the environment, write that this new migration destination is Muşkara.

During the Ottoman period, Nevşehir started to be used instead of Muşkara. IV. Mehmet’s son, Prince III. When Ahmet’s secret clerk, Muşkaralı İbrahim, Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha was appointed as the grand vizier, he started a great public works movement in Muşkara, the city where he was born. He built imaret, mosques, madrasahs, baths, and fountains. He changed the name of Muşkara and named the city Nevşehir, which means Yenişehir.