Metropolis comes out of the Mother Goddess of the city unearthed the mystery. For the first time trying to prove to be addressed with a title called KREZIMOS identified with Zeus. 2015 excavation for the construction of head god Zeus, who performed at the end of the study found that the cult space.
The mother goddess is also found in other belief systems in this ancient city, which is touted as the city we have to show. Excavations carried out in religious ceremonies and traditional rituals of archaeological artifacts have shown us. written column components made in areas where religious worship, an altar (place of sacrifice) were part and plinth. The review results in a space dedicated to Zeus, the chief god this place turned out to be. Krezimos Zeus was recorded for the first time it is used in the world Metropolis. Old used languages ​​(Latin) which means that the growth of plants “crescrer to” the word is assumed to come from the mighty Zeus is therefore used in the sense that the abundance Metropoliss city.

Chronologically, the late Neolithic Age, Classical Age, Hellenistic Age, Roman and Byzantine periods, Emirates and Izmir’s old residential area that bears the scars of the Ottoman Empire is located in the district bagged. so far in the excavations made Bouleuterion (parliament), theater, Stoa (Column Gallery), public baths, the Palaestra (sports field complex, mosaic tiled hall, the old house structure, Latrine (public toilets) and unveiled several street structure. And they are located, as well as glassware, coins, statues, bones and use of materials made of ivory and a lot more work İzmir Archeology, İzmir Art and History is also on display in the Ephesus Museum in Selcuk.
Besides all this, my personal idea as baths or even the structure of the building in Ephesus, Perge bath (bath for me in the best structure of Turkey) in the structure of the baths in a better position.


metropolis in izmir