Houses in Odunpazarı bear the important characteristics of Turkish civil architecture. The living space of these houses is on the upper floor and the common areas are on the ground floor. Part of these houses are on the Unesco World Heritage List. As part of the “Preservation of Odunpazarı Houses”, the restoration of 300 houses on 30 streets 3 mosques, 1 religious complex, 2 caravanserais, 15 fountains and 1 han till now.

You can come across some suprising things while roaming around the place! The famous sepiolite master Hafız Ahmet Efendi’s “Gül Asa” (The rose staff) is on exhibition in Hafız Ahmet Efendi Mansion. The staff was given to the Iranian Shah by Atatürk. The “Yeşil Efendi House” in Dede vicinity which had Atatürk during one of his visits and the wooden toy shop on Kurşunlu Camii Street are also worth seeing.