This city housed the center of 4 great pagan cults: those of Zeus, Athena, Dionysos and Asklepios. There was also the cult of the Emperor. Blasphemous worship which makes John say that there “is the throne of Satan” (Rev 2:13). Among the remains discovered at the end of the 19th Century, a large altar bears splendid decorations of battles between gods and giants. Other buildings are dedicated to the cult of Athena, Trajan and Hadrian, the great persecutor of the Christian people. John evokes these persecutions and the martyrs who fell in this city (Rev 2: 12-17). However, the Nicolaitans occupied a place in the Christian community of Pergamon and several indulged in the erotic worship of idols, including that of Dionysus, God of wine and of celebrations whose bacchanalia always led to sexual immorality and orgies (in the photo , stele of offerings to Bacchus found in Ephesus).