Kemeraltı in Republic Times – Regression Period

Izmir has specific importance in the republic period, it is the one that started the Salvation War. Also politically it’s the city of the firsts. In the War of Independence, it took all the attention. Before the foundation of the Republic, it was the place where the first bullet was thrown. During history, it was memorized as the city of Levanthens, and the city where the non- Muslims preferred to live the most. In commerce, it’s the harbor city of Anatolia that looks to the west. It gained the attention of the countries of the world because it owns the first international fair in Turkey. Izmir is special. Izmir is the city of tolerance, it is purified prejudice.

After the Industrial Revolution 

In the face of the Industrial Revolution which was done in the 19th Century in Europe, Ottoman Industry wasn’t able to a standstill. After all, Ottoman Industry, mostly, was consist of foreign foundations. Thus Ottoman commerce was in the hands of foreigners. Big Great Fire Of Izmir which had happened in the year 1922, one year before the establishment of the Republic, caused the economy to recess even worse and burned most of the commercial shops in Kemeraltı. After the fire, the abandonment of Rum and Armenian folk caused a loss of fond-stock and workforce.