Shroud Izmir

On The Shroud Traces

Documentary evidence of the history of the Shroud of Turin is not without gaps until the middle of the 14th century. Concerning the preceding period, the synthesis of research from several disciplines (history, experimental sciences, iconography and archeology) makes it possible to propose serious hypotheses on the tribulations of the shroud.

544 In Edessa (now Urfa in Turkey) is preserved an extraordinary image “not executed by the hand of man” whose features are superimposed on the face of the Shroud.

944 The image of Edessa is transported to Constantinople where, in 1147, she is venerated by Louis VII, King of France.

1204 A crusader testifies that he saw “the Shroud of the Lord”

1355 The Shroud appears in the possession of Geoffroy de Charny a Lirey in Champagne.

1453 Marguerite de Charny cedes the Shroud to Duke Louis I of Savoy, who deposits it in the Sainte-Chapelle of the Château de Chambéry.

1532 (December 4). A fire breaks out in the Sainte-Chapelle in Chambéry. One side of the small silver box that contains the folded Shroud is heated white by the very high temperature and a drop of molten metal pierces the many layers of the Shroud.

1534 (April 15 – May 2). The Poor Clares of Chambéry mend damaged parts by sewing triangular pieces of fabric.

1578 Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy brings the Shroud to Turin.

1694 (June 1). The Shroud is placed in a sumptuous chapel specially designed by Father Guarino Guarini.

1898 (May 25-28). For the first time the relic is photographed (by a lawyer: Secondo Pia)

The Modern Age

1973 (November 23). First televised ostension.

1978 (August 26 – October 8). Public ostension on the occasion of the 4th centenary of the transfer of the Shroud from Chambéry to Turin.

1983 Upon the death of Umberto II of Savoy, The Shroud is bequeathed to the Holy See.

1988 Samples taken from the shroud for dating by measuring the carbon 14 content. The modalities of the sampling operation, the dating method and the results given by the three Institutes which carried out the dating are considered unsatisfactory by a large number of scientists.

1993 (February 24). The Shroud is temporarily transported behind the high altar of Turin Cathedral to allow restoration in the Chapel of Guarini.

1997 (April 11-12). A few days before the end of the restoration work, the chapel of Guarini is devastated by a terrible fire. The Shroud was saved without damage by the Turin fire department.

1998 (April 18 – June 14). Public ostension to commemorate the centenary of the first photograph of the Shroud, taken by Secondo Pia in which Saint John Paul II participated on May 24.

2000 (August 12 – October 22). By decision of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, public ostension on the occasion of the jubilee.

2002 (June 20 – July 23). Conservative restoration work: replacement of the lining (Toile de Hollande) and removal of the triangular pieces

2010 (April 10 – May 23). Pope Benedict XVI grants a new ostension ten years after the previous one and participates in it himself as a pilgrim on May 2, 2010.

2013 (March 30). Forty years after the first televised exhibition, the ostension is in mondovision from the Cathedral of Turin, it represents a step towards the path of “the new evangelization” of the Year of Faith 2012 – 2013 and enriched by a video message from the Pope Francis

2015 (April 19 – June 24). Ostension of the Shroud granted by Pope Francis on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Saint Giovanni Bosco. The Pope arrived in Turin on a pilgrimage on June 21.

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