Signora Giveret Synagogue

Estimated to be constructed in 17th century, with its big iron gate, women’s gallery and a beautiful garden, Signora Giveret Synagogue is  like a diamond. It has a big prying & worshipping area decorated with historical paintings. Synagogue is estimated to be constructed by the benefactor Donna Gracia with the nickname ”Signora” who had been active to turn Marranons to Judaism (Jewishness) in Europe.

From Şadırvanaltı Mosque, just before coming Havra Street, on the left you’d see Signora Giveret Synagogue Sign, and after entering to that street by continuing 30 metres at the end of that road you’d find the Synagogue. Entering inside, a green beautiful garden would welcome you. If you would like to visit Signora Giveret Synagogue you should take a appointment at least one day before by calling 0232 421 51 95.

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