history of izmir

Konak Mosque

When Coming to Izmir

When coming to İzmir; Don’t forget to visit Kadifekale where is built by Alexander the Great’s dream of seeing, watching Gulf of Izmir Clock Tower at Konak Square become a symbol of Izmir without seeing, For every taste and budget in accordance with traditional Turkish handicrafts, spices, leather goods, clothing, jewelry, without which you can […]

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Salom (Aydinlilar) Synagogue

Paint on Izmir

One of the foremost vital changes in Ottoman art within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is murals that are supplementary to subject decorations. Murals, that began in metropolis and quickly unfold to most of the structures in Anatolia and different regions at intervals the borders of the Turkish Empire, square measure the indication of a […]

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smyrna streets

Smyrna Street in 19th century

Smyrna Streets – İzmir Streets The streets The 1840 guide is brutal about the streets of the city: “Like all the other big cities in Turkey, this city looks beautiful from afar but doesn’t satisfy expectations when viewed up close. The city is overpopulated and the streets are narrow and dirty. In 1878, only the […]

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