izmir bazaar

izmir history

The neighborhoods of İzmir

The neighborhoods of İzmir There isn’t enough info concerning the neighborhoods that were shaped when religious/ethnic segmentation: The neighborhood inhabited  by the French and Greek be the boundary and includes several outlets, warehouses, and cafes. The Armenian neighborhood is up ahead. The Turkish quarter covers the complete higher region of town and therefore the western […]

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kemeraltı handicrafts

Kemeraltı Bazaar Today

Colorful Kemeraltı Bazaar From Past To Our Day – Commerce In the 14th century, Izmir which was behind Foça, Çeşme and Kuşadası in commerce, was under the dominance of Venetians and Geneosians in trade. After these communities, Izmir’s commerce passed into the hands of French, English, and Italians. Slowly, Izmir was passing from town to […]

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