İzmir city tour

Tours are avaible in İzmir city.

Cesme from izmir

Known as prince throughout the Roman amount, Çeşme was the port of Erythrai, one in every of the twelve Ionian cities situated on the Aegean Coast. nowadays Ildırı (Erythrai) continues to play a vital role in archeology and business whereas throughout the seventh and eighth centuries B.C. it had been a major stockholder in political […]

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tire izmir city vision

Tire – Izmir

Tire on the footsteps of religions Tire, that was referred to as the land of monks by Pachmeres, the land of brothers by İbn-I Battuta, the recent crown town by Katip Çelebi and therefore the bed of scientists within the Aydın written account, is like an outside depository with its profound history, superb cultural assets […]

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izmir old map

Izmir in 19th Century

Izmir in 19th-century travel guides elements concerning port in guides begin with a way to get to port. The neighborhoods of port, its streets, amusement culture, antique ruins, museums and travel routes round the town area unit different data contained in 19th-century travel guides. In the nineteenth century, traveling was a privilege solely enjoyed by […]

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kemeraltı handicrafts

Kemeraltı Bazaar Today

Colorful Kemeraltı Bazaar From Past To Our Day – Commerce In the 14th century, Izmir which was behind Foça, Çeşme and Kuşadası in commerce, was under the dominance of Venetians and Geneosians in trade. After these communities, Izmir’s commerce passed into the hands of French, English, and Italians. Slowly, Izmir was passing from town to […]

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Konak Centrum Kemeraltı Entrance

Republic Period

Kemeraltı in Republic Times – Regression Period Izmir has specific importance in the republic period, it is the one which started the Salvation War. Also politically it’s the city of the firsts. In the War of Independence, it took all the attention. Before the foundation of the Republic, it was the place where the first […]

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19th century izmir square

The City Which Rises In Ottoman Empire

In the 18th century, with the battles lost, the Ottoman Empire continued to lose reputation and power. At the beginning of the 19th century, industrialization in Europe fasten the downfall in Ottoman trade, and the Ottoman Empire was unable to find the center to develop its industry. When the world was renewing and developing in […]

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Ancient Times Smyrna

History Of Kemeralti

ANCIENT TIMES IN SMYRNA History Of Kemeralti, Kemeraltı Bazaar, no doubt, is the most mysterious and exciting place in Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar has a different air. Crowded, excited but always colorful …  Thanks to its strategic location, gaining the reputation the most important commercial center in Izmir, Kemeraltı is like an open-air museum that has […]

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metropolis in izmir

Izmir village Metropolis

Izmir village Metropolis, Izmir village Metropolis,Torbalı, which is 45 kilometers from Izmir, is surrounded in the east by Bayındır and Tire, by Menderes in the west, by Selçuk in the south and Kemalpaşa in the north. The borough, which is located in the south of Izmir, is situated in the northwest of Küçük Menderes Basin. […]

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izmir city full day tour

10 different gusto

Like to hear from you swim, surf, sun, beach, discover, history… All attractions waiting for you in İzmir City. Cesme, Alacati, Selcuk call you… We start to counting Cesme is unique holiday region of our country. In the famous beach Ilica, Ayayorgi, you can enjoy the cool sea and fresh wind always relieve the coastline. […]

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