ephesus latrina

Saint John Basilic and Ephesus

Our tour offer you find the place where they tried to disperse their religion who was dispersed at Saint John Basilic. Ephesus is 75 km. far from Izmir. Don’t miss this chance to visit Ephesus, if you are in Izmir. At the Ephesus tour, you are going to visit Governmental Agora, Odeon/ Bouleterion, Road of […]

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virgin mary

Ephesus Tour From Izmir

Ephesus Tour from Izmir gives you a chance to visit all environments of Selcuk Village. Virgin Mary’s house is located on top of Bülbül mountain. The House of Virgin Mary with its magnificent view offers you peaceful moments. It is the place where Holy Virgin spent her last days. She comes to this region with […]

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jewish and christianty izmir

Jewish – Christian Quarters

izmir has always been a city of tolerance. Muslims, Christians, Jews all lived under the same roof. izmir’s cultural heritage is united with the churches and synagogues. The tour welcomes you to discover the Jewish and Christian Cultural Heritage in izmir (synagogues, churches, architectural edifices, quarters)   **MINIMUM 2 PERSON   Churches and Synagogue Name […]

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