pubcrawl Izmir

Pubcrawl Izmir

Pubcrawl Izmir offers you to discover potential places of Night in the city. Would you like to have a wonderful evening with and drink beers in Izmir that is one of the modern and touristic cities in Turkey? Also, you will be accompanied by one of the most knowledgeable people about beers in Turkey when […]

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bodrum tour from izmir

Bodrum Tour

Bodrum Tour In Daily Programmes We are going to the Bodrum Tour from Izmir. Our first stop is the Bodrum Castle. Between two harbors, Bodrum Castle is located on a peninsula covered with the sea on three sides. The inside of the castle is reached by passing through seven doors. After the castle, which was attacked […]

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ayvalik tour from izmir

Ayvalik Tour

Ayvalik Tour In Daily Programmes: In the morning we are going out of Izmir. The trip starts by visiting the Ayvalik bazaar. One of the most notable sections in the bazaar is the historical Ayvalık Houses. The houses that attract attention with stone and stone workmanship came out of the hands of Greek masters. There […]

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vineyard of Izmir

Urla Wine Vineyards Tour

Urla Wine Vineyards Tour Programmes We start with the ancient city of Klazomenai which is an Ionia city for the tour program. We observe rectangular house structures and old olive oil workshops and listen to the instructions of our guide. Located in Limantepe and founded in the iron age, this city was named as a […]

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izmir city tour cooking

Cooking Class

Throughout history every culture added one of her identity to this cuisine thus once you come to Izmir, you should absolutely taste her cuisine. Take tasting one step ahead, why not trying to cook Smyrnian cuisine Pick up from the hotel Cooking Class, dates to be arranged ahead Dinner at class Drop off at the […]

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