Ephesus Tour with Sirince Wine Tasting

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Ephesus Tour from Izmir city center guarantees you to inform the history of Hellenic World and Roman eras in Asia Minor. Ephesus tour offers you the chance to seek out the city lifespan of the normal Ephesians. At the Ephesus tour; Estate Agora, Odeon, Road of Curates, The Gate of Magnesia, Basilica, Bouleterion (Odeon), Columns of Herakles (Gate of The Mighty Hercules), Traianus Fountain, Temple of Hadrianus, Latrinas (ancient bathrooms), Scholastic Baths, Library of The Celsius, Arcadia Connection of Ancient Port, Commercial Agora, The Grand Theater of Ephesus is going to be visited. Church of Mary is one of the most significant to the Ephesus. This important place where the 3. Ecumenical Council was built will be visited.

Temple of Artemis going to fascinate you being one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”.
“The Temple of Artemis was a Greek temple given to the Goddess Artemis. Temple was built in Ephesus (near the town of Selçuk in current Turkey).”The Temple is totally restored thrice before its final destruction in 401 AD. Sadly only remains are found and sculptural fragments rest is exhibiting in London British Museum.

Sirince village might be a glorious synthesis of Turk-Greek culture as of the 1920s: once the Independence War, individuals exchange between Greek and Turks has occurred and each one those typical Greek homes, though they unbroken their original outside characteristics have received the native layout at intervals. The foremost beautiful specimens are hospitable guests.

Depending on the group we have chance to visit Jewelry, Leather, Carpet or Ceramic centers.

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Ephesus Tour and Şirince Wine Tasting

Ephesus Winter Opening Hours: 08.00 - 17.00

Ephesus Summer Opening Hours: 08.00 - 18.30

Sirince wine tasting information, fruity flavored wines, special regional red wine, homemade wines.


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