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Izmir Museum opens the doors of vast history. Why not discover the mysteries of a city?

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Izmir Archaeology Museum, Izmir Ethnographic Museum, Izmir City Hall Museum, Izmir Chamber of Commerce Museum

Museums give their visitors many clues as they wander the corridors of the past. The artifacts you see there will whisper important secrets to you if you listen carefully.

Of course, the situation is similar to Izmir’s museums. The city, which has hosted important civilizations for thousands of years, carries its history to this day thanks to these museums.

We have compiled the museums of Izmir, where you will enjoy getting lost in the corridors.

İzmir Museum of Archeology

Considered the pearl of the Aegean since prehistoric times, İzmir displays its archaeological past here. You are in a giant time machine with the finds in the city, which has hosted civilizations such as Hittite, Ionian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman for 8500 years.

The museum, which was opened in 1927 and welcomed visitors since 1984 in Konak, will enchant you with stone, marble, bronze statues, coins, gold and silver ornaments from Smyrna, Ephesus, Bergama, Milet, Clazomenai, Teos, and Iasos. takes us to the ages.

İzmir Ethnography Museum

If you are wondering how life was in Izmir and its vicinity in the 19th century, this is the place for you. Already in 1831 St. The neoclassical building, built as the Roch Hospital and Monastery, is also a spectacle.

In the museum, you can examine examples of felt making, clogging, carpet making, and tin making, and you can feel like an old Izmirian among the weapons, ornaments, and writing sets of the era. The guest room, circumcision room, bridal showcases, and kitchen supplies also give visitors pleasant clues about the past.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museum

The museum, named after the former Mayor of Izmir, Ahmet Pristina, is located in a building that has served as a fire station for many years.

Here, the history of the city is revealed, especially with visual and written materials. Opened in 2004, visitors can learn about the city and urbanism history of Izmir. The building, which hosts different exhibitions, is a candidate to become the memory center of the city.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Museum

Izmir Chamber of Commerce, established in 2003 with the valuable contributions of Mr. Ekrem Demirtaş, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, brought together the identity of the city, its history kneaded with trade and culture, and all history lovers, especially the people of Izmir, with archaeological and ethnographic works inherited today. Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which plans one step ahead in every project it undertakes, has opened the works in its museum in 2008 as the Official Web Site of Izmir Commerce History. We owe a debt of gratitude to the people and institutions who helped bring together the works in the Trade History Museum and helped convey Izmir Trade History.

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  • Izmir City - Museums Tour make your vision large with Izmir museums. Discover the ancient heritage of Izmir city. Ethnographic and archeological.


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