Pamukkale Aphrodisias Ephesus Tour in two days

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Pamukkale Aphrodisias Ephesus Tour In Two Days

Pamukkale Aphrodisias Ephesus tour in two days Day 1: We start our journey with the village of Şirince. Which is located between an old Greek village and the hills. We are taking lunch after a short tour with our guide in this village. Which has been a popular stop in recent times, which has done a great deal to protect the historic architecture? We give you free time in the village. In this free time, you can shop as you wish in the village. Which is based on economy viticulture, wine production, and olive farming?

While this tour, the first foundation was founded in BC. We visit Ephesus Antique City which dates back to 6000 years. We see Ephesus, Odeon, Cutler Street, Latrine, Hammam, Celsus Library, Love House, Agora and Theater, which are the capital city of the Asian state and the biggest port city living in the Hellenistic and Roman ages.

Finally, after our trip, we are heading towards our hotel in Pamukkale. Accommodation and dinner take place at our hotel.

Second Day Tour Programme

Pamukkale Aphrodisias Ephesus Tour Day 2:

First of all, we visit the ancient city of Aphrodisias from Aphrodite.

In this ancient city and which is recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009, the stadium with a capacity of 30,000 people is the best-preserved 265 meters long of the ancient world. As a result, UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in 2017 with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Geyre Foundation. As a result, we are getting detailed information from our guide about excavation works carried out in the ancient city.

Even more, after our trip, we take lunch at Anatolia Restaurant. Then after dinner, we are moving to Laodikeia Antique City. Hellenistic city, BC In the middle of the 3rd century, Seleucus King II. His wife was founded by Antiokhos in the name of Laodike. Then, we visit Travertine, a kind of rock formed by chemical reaction-end precipitation. After all, taking our photographs at this spot which is dominated by the Denizli plain, we are moving to Hierapolis Ancient City.

The ancient city of BC II. From the kingdoms of Bergama in the 20th century II. In this city, which was founded by Eumenes and is believed to have been taken from Hera, the wife of Telephos and the founder of Bergama, we take a detailed look at our guide.

Above all,according to ancient sources, the city which is famous for its metal stone processing and became the bishopric center in the Byzantine period and with these features, so the site is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List.




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*Hierapolis Antique City Opening Time: 08.30 a.m

Closing Time: 19.00 p.m(Summer)

16.45 p.m(Winter)


*Aphrodisias Antique City Opening Time: 08.00 a.m

Closing Time: 19.00 p.m(Summer)

17.00 p.m(Winter)


*Ephesus Antique City Opening Time: 08.00 a.m

Closing Time: 18.30 p.m


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