Konak Mosque

When Coming to Izmir

When coming to İzmir;

  • Don’t forget to visit Kadifekale where is built by Alexander the Great’s dream of seeing, watching Gulf of Izmir
  • Clock Tower at Konak Square become a symbol of Izmir without seeing,
  • For every taste and budget in accordance with traditional Turkish handicrafts, spices, leather goods, clothing, jewelry, without which you can find shopping arcades Bazaar on carpets and rugs,
  • Affordable in the arcades and you try one of the local restaurants offering delicious meals,
  • Kızlarağası in arcades in one of the Caravanserai located in and around tea, cooked in a cup of tea or Turkish coffee served in small tulip-shaped glasses of the drink,
  • From watching the sun set over the historic elevator in the Karatas district,
  • On summer nights, Kordon seafront cafe or sit in the breeze from the sea and from one of the restaurants located in the neck, feeling enjoy your meal accompanied by sunset,
  • A ferry ride from Pier Konak and Alsancak way to Karsiyaka the seagulls ‘crunchy’ to supply the parts,
  • Without a coach ride on the promenade,
  • Known as one of the largest in the world market without having to visit the ancient city of Agora,
  • The mansion before visiting the Archeology and Ethnography Museum,
  • You can see the unique findings in the Culture and History and the past without visiting the Art Museum,
  • B.C. Founded in 3000 in the second half Flagged district of Izmir, seeing the ruins of the ancient city of Smyrna,
  • Worth seeing with frescoes and st.polycarp without visiting the oldest church,
  • Kızlarağası Caravanserai located right next to one of the oldest and largest mosques in Izmir to visit Hisar Mosque
  • Breakfast intention to İzmirin famous thin pastry ‘boyoz in one of the passports without eating boiled eggs and tea accompanied by a cup of tea,
  • Your city of Izmir, ancient Smyrna in the Bible that is forgetting that one of the seven churches mentioned,
  • Where you can find a street vendor in the cord ‘ground almonds tasting,
  • Flour, sugar, and yeast made using deep-fried and dipped in syrup into small dough dumpling-shaped pieces of Izmir famous‘ bite without trial,
  • Pigeons wandering around the Clock Tower at Konak Square as birdseed from sellers to supply




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