In ancient world of Rome,

Where they craped?

First, one million of the population was seen in the city of  Rome there was just 5 percent of the population had toilet personnel. That was crap remaining 95 percent portion of the public place. Only wealthy Romans had the luxury of a private bathroom in their home. The bathrooms were transported water from public water pipes with a special aqueduct.

But there were only two options that are not the majority of the private Roman bath at home.

The first option was to make a home or any pot or deep holes in the ground. 

In fact, the public and even had some potholes in the street corner in Rome.

The pee-poo pits were extremely important in everyday life. This accumulated urine is collected in pots in the pit and was used as the most ancient form of bleach. So ancient bleach!

Accumulated pee, wash laundry through ammonium salts and used to whiten. So you wash clothes with urine longer than white!

In addition, the tanner makes the hairs on the animal washes before tanning with skin products so that they would eliminate.

Is it not also be because I had to pee poo tax.

This wee pot at the end of the Emperor taxed by this tax emperor Vespasian returned to the pot named after him. That void was even shitting money. shit on the money that the emperor Abiliyormuş you’ll understand. Was it on the emperor alone shit not even there.

It found a hole in the heart of ancient Rome a few meters apart toilets consisted of a long stone. That would eliminate the people sit side by side incontinence. He was given the name of public toilets in the Latrine.

Everyone was clear the ass at the same bar.

The holes were located right next to the sponges attached to the end of a stick. As you can imagine the Romans did not use toilet paper. Instead, he used the sponge to the bar at the end. This is not satisfied with the cleanliness Romans bar was little more dip in clean water doorstep. Business ending the Romans bar sponge and cleaning is made is facing the flowing water below, the cleaning apparatus in this manner would leave the next Romans.

Romans with a private toilet in the house for many they are not based on some of the Romans tops to keep the pulse of the people of bureaucrats or political in some activities in the public domain that went to the toilet and are known to participate in the toilets chat. That is a great social networking toilet.

Every day you hear gossip, talk to a friend or they are very good places to meet and talk simply business.