Why was Ephesus abandoned?

Ephesus was very wealthy thanks to the harbor when the harbor started to be silted by the River Kaystros and Ephesus lost her commercial importance and abandoned.

Why is Ephesus famous?

Ephesus is famous because is situated just in the middle of many different focus points. Ephesus is important to pagans, Christians, Anatolians, Greeks, Romans, Seldjoukides, Ottomans, Turks. Ephesus once hosted the Virgin Mary, Artemis Temple which was one of the seven wonders of the antique world is situated in Ephesus.

Why visit Ephesus?

Visiting Ephesus is one of the unique experiences that you may have. While visiting Ephesus you are actually time traveling and admiring the various sections of history. Besides, you are visiting one of the Unesco World Heritage sites.

Why is Ephesus so well preserved?

Ephesus is so well preserved because had continuous habitation throughout history. In our days on the site of Ephesus, there are scientific based restoration projects going on and these projects help Ephesus to be well preserved.